My Values

I’m only as strong as the values on which I stand.
If we are to achieve the goal of building one South Africa for all, those values must be clearly defined.
This is what I stand for, and I invite every South African to stand with me.

Equality and Inclusiveness
Treating all people with equality and affording equal opportunity regardless of race, gender, age or any other non-meritocratic factors.

Recognising the dignity of every citizen we interact with and seeking to maintain and restore the dignity of all South Africans in everything we do.

Nurturing a sense of common interests and a shared future—inspiring connectedness with this campaign and in the communities we serve.

Ethical Leadership
Serving the greater good of the collective. My mission is to help communities build the South Africa they aspire to live in and to amplify their voices.

Remaining accountable to ourselves, our communities and to the values we subscribe to.

Creating space for our differences to be harnessed for a shared purpose.

Being responsible in our interactions and relationships. By building trust between each other and seeking to gain and maintain the trust of all, we can align our actions with the values we profess.

I firmly believe that South Africans are stronger together. We must continue to learn from each other and share our common knowledge to achieve the goal of creating a prosperous, safe and respectful country.

Active Citizenship
We are all active members of our communities and must seek to contribute to their development and growth.


Join the movement to reunite our country, rebuild the economy, and give citizens
better representation and active voices in our political system