In a nation where long established systems are outdated and regressive,
Where our political environment is divisive and volatile,
And where leaders evade accountability,
I want to change the system.

To build a political campaign to restore, reform and construct a thriving
future for generations to come.

Each child can receive an education that empowers them for tomorrow,
South Africa can build a stable economy that creates work,
And it can be a place where citizens are safe.

I believe in the future of our nation and know, sincerely, that our people
are our strength. I’m ready to do what needs to be done.
But I can’t do it alone.

Let’s build one South Africa.


Mmusi Maimane


I am a proud South African born in Soweto—a
descendent of a Xhosa mother and a Tswana father.
I am Dad to three kids and husband to one wife. I
speak eight languages, have two Master’s degrees
and am currently completing a PhD. Serving on the
board of a number of businesses, I long to see this
nation prosper and am busy developing a social
impact fund to ensure that more citizens can
participate in the economy of this great country.


Join the movement to reunite our country, rebuild the economy, and give citizens
better representation and active voices in our political system.






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